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Why real estate beats the stock market.

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

In the midst of the current coronavirus-induced bear market, investors across the world have found themselves wondering what to do with their assets. Should they sell and cut their losses? Or if they have cash handy, should they buy assets while they’re down?

A global recession feels inevitable at this point, but no one knows how long it will last or how deep it will go. Every day seems to bring new (and mostly bad) news about the public health crisis due to COVID-19—and the economic fallout from shuttering businesses worldwide.

As both a real estate investor and a stock investor, I’ve been reviewing data from past recessions to get a sense of what’s in store this time around. Sure, my stock portfolio has been hammered. I’m having trouble completing renovations on a vacant rental property and worry about filling it with a reliable tenant in the midst of this mess.

But I’m also setting aside as much cash as I can to invest, because assets are on sale. And that window won’t stay open long.

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